Lose Thigh Fat – What Worked for Me

Hi ladies, I want to share with you how to lose thigh fat. This is how I was able to lose over 25 pounds in just under 6 weeks. But first let me tell you a little bit about my struggle with weight. It all started when I was 15 and my first boyfriend, the love of my life a the time, dumped me for a cheerleader. That’s when I fell in love with chocolate cupcakes. And my weight bloomed. My thighs especially got fat. And the years rolled on and I kept getting fatter while trying to lose thigh fat. The horrible thing was that I hardly had any dates during this time. If I look back now, my weight made me shy and insecure and I guess guys picked up on that. Click here to see the program that helped me lose over 25 pounds in just under 6 weeks.

When I got to college I saw all these other girls going out and having fun and I wanted to be like that but I was too self conscious about my weight. I was lucky though, because I met a wonderful man in college who is know my hubby. But those times were hard. I kept searching for information on losing thigh fat. That was my biggest struggle. Of course I also wanted to lose belly fat and lose arm fat, but it was to lose thigh fat that was my biggest goal.

I really wanted to lose thigh fat fast, and I think that was one of the reasons why I struggled for so long. I tried pretty much everything you can think of before I found the strategy that worked for me. I tried diet pills and they just made me feel dizzy and anxious all the time. I couldn’t eat and I lost a bit of weight but I had to stop using them and then the weight just came back with a vengeance. I tried the Hollywood diet and the grapefruit diet and all sorts of other diets that promised I could lose thigh fat in 2 weeks. They just made me hungry all the time so I ended up cheating. I also tried all sorts of crazy lose thigh fat exercises that promised to burn away the fat on my thighs. These also didn’t work.

I bet you I spent thousands of dollars over the years on gimmicks, exercise machines and other doodads to lose thigh fat and it all left me frustrated and depressed.

Then just over a year ago I was searching on some health topic, probably diet related when I found an article about this women who seemed to have been able to lose around 30 pounds or so and she was so excited by this system that she tried that had helped her lose weight. So I decided to give it a try. Honestly, it is the best way to lose thigh fat. It’s not gimmicky and it is comprehensive. It gives you the full diet and exercise combo to succeed. I was never hungry and I found that I could tailor this program to my own needs. Click here to see the product that I’m talking about.

The weird thing about this lose thigh fat program that helped me lose over 25 pounds in under 6 weeks was its name. It seems to be all about abs, but it’s not.

I know that there are a lot of young girls and boys out there who are trying to lose thigh fat too. I’ve written a long but thorough tutorial on how to lose thigh fat fast for teenage girls and boys too. I know how hard it can be as a young girl to try and lose weight. So if you’re wondering how to lose leg fat for teenage girls whether you’re looking to lose thigh fat in 2 weeks or you’re willing to give yourself a little longer, then please take a look at it.

I wrote it with you in mind. With my younger self in mind. No tricks, just honest to goodness weight loss advice that worked for me and continues to help me stay within my goal weight.

Anyway, all the best with your health. I’m loving my new toned thighs, and my hubby loves them even more it seems.



And How Effective is Running for Weight Loss?

People who have weight loss as one of their goals can take different approaches towards realizing their goal. What is sure to be constant is their seriousness in achieving what they have set out to do. That is because as many have gone on to discover over the years, losing weight is not an easy thing to do, not at all. While there are many who have succeeded in their aims of shedding the much hated and unwanted extra poundage, there are also just as many sad stories that are characterized by failure and frustration.

As mentioned above, various approaches could be taken by those who have finally become conscious of their weight and their health. For weight loss is not merely about eventually looking good, but also becoming healthier and adopting a much better lifestyle. That is actually a better reason for losing the pounds, and more are leaning towards that reason. The means to do it, however, have been as carried as ever.

Admittedly, I am one of those who are aiming to lose some more weight from my body. No, I ma not grossly overweight or anything like that. At least not yet, and I sure wouldn’t want to wait for me to reach that state before I try to do anything to correct it. I figured that it would be best for me to start shedding off some of the extra weight now, while it still relatively easy for me to do so. My choice activity to help me out in my weight loss is running, combined with some careful dieting. Before I chose it, I really considered this question – how effective is running for weight loss?

Running and Effective Weight Loss

Running to lose weight is to me the ideal for me personally. I’m looking to pair it with proper dieting, which I would like to eventually lead to being a vegetarian or at least something very close to being one. But running is just so attractive for me since it is not as taxing as other workouts and I could pretty much do it anywhere, outdoors of course and then indoors with a treadmill.

The first thing that I need to consider though is to do it correctly. Although it is a natural thing to do, being based on such a natural movement as running, I know that there is a proper way to do it and I would certainly try to learn that and incorporate it into the way I run. There would be no use for doing it if I am doing it wrong. That would just be a waste of time and energy.

Another thing to consider is to make sure that I have and use the right equipment. In this case, my main equipment is the running shoes that I would use. Just make sure that I got the right type of shoe would go a long towards proving that running is effective in my weight loss schemes and help me reach my goal.